Directly beautiful and white teeth

Cover your teeth with K Lamina, the removable veneer gives you the chance to directly get beautiful, white and aesthetic looking teeth without visiting your dentist.

K-Lamina Full & Light is
  • bearly noticable
  • light
  • revolutionary
  • cost-effective
and easy to use.

K Lamina
in use

Directly beautiful and white teeth

K Lamina of K Line Europe are the customized removable cosmetic veneers.

The K Lamina is ideal for covering discolored teeth and gaps. Malocclusions are covered easly with it.

Give yourself not only the most beautiful smile, but also directly a new attiture to life!

Advantages of K Lamina in regard to other products on the market:

  • Teeth structure not modified nor changed
  • No impairment in daily oral hygiene
  • It is a cosmetic and not an medical product
  • No visit at the dentist to modify your smile
  • An immediate change of your smile
  • K Lamina has no change to your normal bite nor your jaw joint
  • No affect by speach during wearing the K Lamina
  • Very affordable price specially when comparing to fixed veneers
  • Optimizing your smile and designing it upon your wish

K Lamina is widely used and ordered for:
  • Weddings
  • Film and photo shoots
  • anxiety patients
  • Alternative to whitening
  • People due to diseases
  • Had tooth loss
  • Customers with tooth gaps
  • Testing of veneers
  • Customers with tooth discoloration
  • Customers with missing teeth
  • Customers with small teeth

Get your new smile today!

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